Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps

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The Difference Between a Heat Pump and Air Conditioning?

Both systems are a type of heat pump, and they both move hot air from one place to another, but the main difference between a heat pump and air conditioning is that a heat pump works both ways. A heat pump can cool or heat the air in your home. An air conditioning system will only cool the air in your home.

Which One Is Right For Me?

The major determining factor will be the climate where you live. In the south, where the temperature rarely gets below 40°, a heat pump is a viable solution. In the north a traditional furnace system is needed to heat a home or business in the long freezing winters, not a heat pump. When we think of a traditional HVAC system, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, it’s usually an air conditioning and furnace combination. In the South this might not be necessary. Just having a heat pump would suffice year round in milder climates.

Additional Information

Since the air conditioner only cools your home, it generally only runs half of the year, and the furnace will run the other half of the year. A heat pump will run year round heating and cooling. Using a heat pump, you’ll only have one unit, that unit works twice as much, so it may only last half as long. Whichever system you choose, it’s imperative to have regular maintenance calls to prolong the life of your system. You can check and change the filters yourself. And you make sure that the vents and ducts aren’t obstructed. But all equipment, over time, becomes susceptible to time and elements. The experts at Beach Air Heating & Cooling will be happy to perform a service call on your HVAC system, and consult with you to determine if it may be time to repair or replace, and help you decide which system is right for you.

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